This unique department is a boon to many patients suffering from various blood diseases including Blood cancers, clotting and bleeding disorders, Hemophilias and Thalassemias.

Backed by an efficient Blood Bank with component separation facilities and highly advanced Haematology laboratory along with a special unit specifically designed for Bone Marrow Transplantation, this department is fully equipped to diagnose and treat common and uncommon diseases of the blood.


  • Leading bone marrow transplant and high end Hematology reference centre
  • India’s biggest and most successful bone marrow transplant program – conducted in more than 520 transplants till date.
  • It is the only 2nd DNB program for Hematology training in India and has a busy clinical trial unit
  • Recognized by National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP), USA for doing matched / unrelated donor bone marrow transplants in Pune
  • Bone Marrow Transplant unit – Our pune center conducts an average of about 60 Bone marrow / Stem cell transplants every year. So far done 520 transplants
  • Both Allogenic and Autologus stem cell bone marrow transplantations are done for various Hematological disorders, Auto immune disorders and Genetic disorders
  • Our Pune center is recently recognized by National Marrow Donor Programme (NMDP) for doing matched, unrelated donor transplants bone marrow transplantations in Pune and other branches in Maharashtra
  • Rehab and Counselling – This supportive service is very essential for the Haematology Department and is taken care of by a team of expert Physiotherapists, Yoga specialists and Clinical phycologists
  • Only 2nd DNB programme for Haematology training in India
  • Very active Hemet OPD – 15000/year and IPD 5000/year
  • One of the Tertiary Haematology referral unit in India
  • Very busy Leukemia, Hemophilia/Lymphoma, Myloma programme
  • Busy Clinical Trial Unit which is FDA audited and successfully shared the audit.
Support services from Haematology Lab
  • Routine investigations
  • Coagulation studies
  • Hemolytic work up
  • Thrombophilic work up
  • Immunophenotyping
  • Molecular Genetics
  • Cytogenetics and FISH Lab
  • 24 hours Blood Bank
  Sahyadri Hospital