Sahyadri Hospital's Sugar Care-Your Diabetes Clinic

One stop destination for Diabetes Management.

Sahyadri Speciality Hospital Deccan Gymkhana has initiated highly equipped diabetes clinic - Sugar Care, to cater to provide medical & social support to diabetic patients. Sahyadri’s Sugar Care is equipped with Diabetologists, Dietician, Cardiologist, Vascular Surgeon, Ophthalmologist, Nephrologist and Diabetic Foot Surgeon to address all concerns regarding diabetes under one roof . In addition to providing world class treatment for diabetes, Sahyadri’s Sugar Care will also educate patients and their families to better manage the disease.

India is diabetic capital of world. 25% of the population in India is diabetic. Diabetes is considered as a silent killer in India and there is a need to address the issue immediately. Sahyadri’s Sugar Care will help Pune fight diabetes as will provide comprehensive treatment for all related ailments under one roof.

Services offered at Sahyadri’s Sugar Care

  • End -to-end Management of Diabetes
  • Consultation with expert Diabetologists
  • Consultation with Dietician
  • Comprehensive Diabetic foot services including Diabetic Foot screening and consultation
  • Consultation with Superspecialists (if advised): Cardiologist, Vascular Surgeon, Ophthalmologist, Nephrologist / Diabetic Foot Surgeon / Podiatrists/ Neurologists
  • Special Diabetes screening packages
  • Home lab sample collections
  • Home delivery of medicines* (in limited areas).
  • Diabetes awareness & education
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