Dental Clinic


Introducing Inpatient "Dental care services". Our highly trained dentist

would visit your room with our "dental clinic in a suitcase" to deliver a

range of dental protection services for you and your family.


The dentist use "titanium tipped ultrasonic painless scalers". A Mouth spa

done every 6 months guarantees no gum infection; decay or root canal for

you and your family.


At a special price of Rs 500/- try a Mouth Spa. It includes deep cleaning;

plaque/tartar removal; polishing.

Dental Services

Digital Radiography (highly diagnostic)

Coronoplasty (Bite Correction to correct traumatic bite)

Bite Guards Fabrication (is used in preventing high stress fractures by grinding of teeth)

Tooth Polishing

Temporary Restoration (fillings)

Permanent Restoration (fillings)

Impression making

Surface Scaling with Ultrasonic

Oral Prophylaxis

Crown and Bridge Cementation

Emergency RCT (with Pulp Extirpation only)

Emergency Extraction

The Dental Check Up can also be extended to the family members of the patients at the comfort of Home (At no extra cost) within Pune City during weekends with prior appointments.

For Home appointments please call 020-67213700/67213704

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