The Critical Care Medicine unit at Sahyadri Hospitals has several wings of care.

  • Neuro and Trauma ICU
  • ICU
  • CCU
  • HDU(High Dependence Unit)
  • Cardiac HDU
  • Isolation rooms.
  • Hemodialysis

Critical Care Unit

Each bed is equipped with state of the art Multipara Philips monitors.
  • Maquet Ventilators
  • Bipap Ventilators
  • Air mattress and D.V.T. Prophylaxis Flowtron compressors
  • Portable x-rays, ultrasound & 2DECHO is available in ICU and facilitates quick bedside diagnosis
  • The neuro ICU works in tandem with Neurosciences department and is among the few ICU's in the country having
  • Portable bedside C.T.Scanner
    • ICP monitoring
    • Bedside VEEG monitoring
  • Other sophisticated Neuro monitoring
  • Cardiac ICU and Recovery Room work closely with Cardiac and Consultants.
  • Rapid thrombolysis, primary angioplasty, Intra-aortic balloon pump, temporary cardiac emergency care is administered.
  • State of art post-operative cardiothoracic care is given to both infants & adults. Written ICU policies-
  • Monitoring of key quality indicators -
  • Stringent infection control protocols-multidisciplinary rounds.
  • Ongoing nurse and junior doctors training.
  • Close interaction with families through regular conferences ensures world class intensive care treatment.
  Sahyadri Hospital