The Department of Behavioral Science consists of a team of professionals working in areas ranging from mental health-care and the neuroScience. The mental health refers to our psychological well being. It entails satisfactory cognitive, social and emotional and occupational functioning.

Being able to cope with stressful situations, managing our relationships with others, ability to make decisions and functioning effectively in our day to day functioning are some of the effects of mental health.

The good news is that these problems are treatable and there are committed, qualified professionals to help overcome mental health problems.

Some common symptoms of poor mental health include:
  • Difficulty falling asleep or disturbed sleep
  • Poor appetite or eating too much
  • Feeling low or blue, or feeling elated most of the time
  • Difficulty in concentration
  • Inability to carry out day-to-day tasks effectively
  • Anxiety or fear that interferes in your functioning
  • Persistent negative thoughts
  • Irritability or anger outburst
  • Difficulty in relationships
Testing and therapy for:

Neurodevelopmental or Childhood Disorders:
  • Intellectual disability / Mental Retardation
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD):
  • Conduct Disorder
  • Specific Learning Disability
Anxiety Disorders:
  • Obsessive-compulsive Disorder:
  • Panic disorder:
  • Specific phobias
  • Somatoform Disorders:
  • Social Anxiety Disorder
Mood Disorders:
  • Depressive Disorder:
  • Bipolar Disorder:
Psychotic Disorders

Substance Abuse Disorders (alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, marijuana etc)

Promoting Wellness: We help in surviving Healthy Break-ups and Divorces and Relaxation techniques to help you de stress

Neuropsychology and psychometric testing for various adult and childhood disorders like attention deficits and hyperactivity, autism spectrum disorders, social skills, mood disorders, anxiety disorders and parental counseling.

Speech Therapyservices are provided for fluency problems, delayed speech and language like in autism, hearing impairment, cleft lip and palate, voice disorders, slurred speech and swallowing disorders.

Occupational and Sensory Integration Therapy for delayed gross and fine motor skills, muscle tone abnormalities, motor planning issues, activities of daily living, sensory issues and visuomotor integration.

Special Education and remedial teaching for learning difficulties, ADHD, Autism and scholastic backwardness, Also IEP plans in a close association with school counselors are made.

Highlights:Oncology and Hematology Support Group: We hold a support group for families of individuals suffering from cancer once every 2 months on the first Saturday at the Child Guidance Center on Prabhat Road. Doctors, health care providers and other expert speakers are invited to share their knowledge and expertise in the area of cancer which is followed by a question and answer session in the end.

Breast Friends Support Group: Breast Friends Support Group was inaugurated in October 2010. This group consists of Breast Cancer survivors and those on treatment. These women come together to exchange and share emotions, information and experiences. Lectures on diet, prosthetics, psychoimmunology, management of lymphoedema and recent advances in treatment are conducted periodically.

Sensory Integration Therapy: This form of therapy helps children with sensory dysfunction especially those that don't like brushing teeth, cutting nails, getting a hair cut, hyperactive, fidgety kids or those with short attention span or autistic and pervasive developmental disorder kids.

All inputs to improve sensory skills are in place like trampoline, scooter board, tube swing, frog swing and bolster ride.

Therapy sessions are conducted by experienced and trained occupational therapist and the mother/care taker is involved in the therapy sessions.

Head of the Department
  1. Dr Radhika Bapat
Clinical and Neuropsychology
  1. Stutee Mishra
  2. Kartiki Keshkamat
  3. Nupur Dhakephalkar
  4. Shrenika Hatarote
  5. Ketaki Jogalekar
Speech and Language Pathology
  1. Sunil Patil
  2. Deepali Maheshwari
Occupational therapy & Sensory Integration
  1. Dr.Madhura Gharpure
  2. Dr.Prabhjot Kaur
  3. Dr.Isha Soni
  4. Dr.Chanchal Agrawal
  5. Dr.Amruta Tamboli
Applied Behavior Analysis
  1. Tejashree Gambhir
Special Education
  1. Sangeeta Gupta
Play therapy
  1. Gayatri Pantsachiv
Remedial Teacher
  1. Arati Samant
  1. Dr. Nischol Rawal
  2. Dr. Ashutosh Chauhan
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