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  • What is In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)? How long does IVF treatment takes?

    IVF stands for In Vitro Fertilization that helps infertile couples to conceive a child. You can watch our YouTube video ‘IVF process – Start to Finish’ to understand IVF procedure.

    IVF treatment takes minimum of 3 weeks. No night stay. No Hospitalization. You can continue your office work while undergoing IVF treatment.

  • If you have been trying for a baby for more than 6 months, the you should consult an IVF specialist. Depending upon your medical condition, you could be advised IVF, IUI etc.

  • ,At Gunjan IVF World, the procedure cost of IVF treatment is only Rs. 35000/-*. Hormonal injections & consumables cost around Rs. 70,000/-* to Rs. 90,000/-*. We give the best results in IVF at a reasonable cost.

  • The chances of success of IVF treatment depends on several factors:

    Age of both female and male partner

    Egg quality

    Endometrium quality

    Stress free environment

  • You should consider these factors while choosing an IVF center or Fertility Clinic:

    IVF Results – Always choose a IVF center or Fertility clinic with best IVF results.Also, the take home baby rate should be high.

    Experienced Doctors, Embryologists and Team – You can increase your chances 50 times by choosing Experienced IVF specialists. The embryologist should be full time. If the team has more than one IVF specialists, its better.

    Read Reviews: Read what others say about them. The number of postive reviews should be significant.

    Cost of IVF treatment: Beware of IVF centers offering heavy discounts on IVF treatment.Such IVF centers do not give results. You need Results NOT Discounts.
    Transparency: IVF center should be ready to transparently explain you the treatment plan, costs and timelines.

What is the Cost Of IVF Treatment

Our procedure cost for IVF treatment is only Rs. 35,000/-*

Cost of Hormonal Inj. and Consumables:Rs.70,000/-* to Rs.90,000/-*(approx.)

Limited Navratri Offer

IVF Only @ 8,000/month*

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Our Team

Experienced IVF Specialists & Embryologists

Dr. Gunjan Gupta Govil

Founder & Director

Founder, Director & Gynaecologist with specialization in IVF, Infertility & Laparoscopy of 20+ years of experience.

(20+ years of experience)

Dr. Pradyot Kumar

CEO, Founder

Founder, CEO and a specialized Neurosurgeon who is an expert in complex Brain and Spine surgeries.

(25+ years of experience)

Mr. Gaurav Singhai

COO at Gunjan IVF World

Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer

(20+ years of experience)

Dr. Garima Sharma

Infertility Specialist

Dr. Garima Sharma works as a IVF Consultant/IN charge at Gunjan IVF World Janakpuri New Delhi.

(12+ years of experience)

Dr Meenakshi Arya

Infertility Specialist

Dr. Meenakshi Arya works as a Infertility Specialist , Obstetrician , Gynecologist,
at Gunjan IVF World Meerut.

(14+ years of experience)

Dr Astha Raheja

Infertility Specialist

Dr. Astha Raheja works as a Infertility Specialist at Gunjan IVF World.

(4+ years of experience)



600+ reviews

280 reviews

201 reviews

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Limited Navratri Offer

IVF Only @ 8,000/month*

Our Patient Reviews

Ashwani Sharma

Indirapuram, Ghaziabad

“We were trying for long for a baby and we got success within no time. The ease with which we went through the entire journey is remarkable. Me and my wife blessed with twin baby (baby boy and baby girl)
We both are really thankful to Gunjan IVF world.
Thanks to Gunjan Mam and their friendly staff and their kind behaviour.
Highly recommended to couples! “

Mansi Molasi

Indirapuram, Ghaziabad

“It has been a wonderful journey with Gunjan maam. Not once did we feel it was a doctor patient relation and it felt more like a family. Not just the doctor but the entire staff is extremely cooperative and supportive. We were trying for long for a baby and we got success within no time. the ease with which we went through the entire journey is remarkable. Every query was addressed and every concern was dealt with patience. Glad to be blessed with a baby girl. Highly recommended.”


Janakpuri, Delhi

“We would highly recommend the GUNJAN IVF World for IVF treatment.
We( Me and My Husband) are very happy the pregnancy results and the whole credit goes to Gunjan IVF world and Dr. Garima Ma’am . The place of IVF world is best for gynae issues and also they are having the best IVF treatment . They take care of all your needs when it comes to pregnancy”

Manish Tanwar

Janakpuri, Delhi

“Me and my wife were trying for a baby since 14 years but we could not get sucess after visiting so many doctors. Finally my friend advised us to visit Gunjan Ivf world centre at Janakpuri .First time we had visited on 10 feb .Dr Garima is very experienced and talented doctor.she has been very lucky to us as her guidance and medications helped my wife to concieve with IVF . She has always kept things easy and clear without creating any questions in our mind .Thanks Dr.Garima ma’am . Highly recommended.”

Vandana Kaushik


“My experience with Gunjan IVF is awesum.
Dr Meenakshi and whole staff was very supportive throughout my treatment.
This is my first IVF and it’s successfull.
They guide me like your family member.
thank you gunjan IVF team.”

Aanya Shah


“I concieved with ivf in first cycle after 6 years of marriage at Gunjan ivf world i am very happy from the treatment i had received from Gunjan Ivf world and the wonderful guidance of Dr Meenakshi.”

Limited Navratri Offer

IVF Only @ 8,000/month*

Most Trusted and Rewarded IVF Centre

How do I choose the Best IVF center or Fertility Clinic?

India’s Greatest Brands and Leaders – By Dr. R.S. Sharma (Head, Reproductive Biology, ICMR (2019)

Best IVF Centre in UP by Mr. Kapil Dev (2017)

NABH Accreditation (2021)

Global Excellence Award in IVF by Mrs. Madhuri Dixit (2019)

Delhi City Icon Award for Excellence in infertility Treatment by Radio City (2022)

Awarded for Excellent Services by Dy Chief Minister of UP Sh. Brijesh Pathak (2022)