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March 06, 2022

Webinar Duration

3 Hours Live

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INR 1499 + GST

Every Minute 70,000+ย health related queries are asked on YouTube.
Yes, that’s right!

Listen from the Health Care Experts who experienced digital growth that brought a drastic change in their practice.

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    Enroll for 3 Hours of Onpoint, Interactive and Compressed Webinar Just for Rs. 1499/-

    The webinar starts on March 06th, Sunday 2022

    How this 3 hours Interactive Live Webinar will help you grow?

    Specially designed for all the healthcare specialists who want to grow their medical practice.

    Star Making results for Our Clients

    Helping our clients to appear top on every search result.

    Key Highlights of the Live Webinar

    • How to start your YouTube channel?
    • How to grow your YouTube subscribers?
    • How to pick the right niche for your channel?
    • How to build a business around YouTube?
    • How to choose topics that patients are searching?
    • How to record, edit and publish videos on YouTube?
    • How to reach the target audience on YouTube?
    • How to get traffic from YouTube to the website?
    • How to convert YouTube subscribers to leads?
    • How to analyse YouTube metrics and analytics?

    Tools Covered

    Tools that will take your marketing skills to next level.

    This is a webinar for

    • Doctors who want to build their personal brand.
    • Health professionals who want to build credibility.
    • Healthcare experts who wish to educate their patients.
    • Doctors who want to increase their traffic.
    • Anyone and everyone can join us like:
      • Doctors
      • Group of doctors
      • Hospitals
      • Surgeons
      • IVF Specialists
      • Healthcare Experts
      • Consultants

    Enrol for 3 Hours of Onpoint, Interactive and Compressed Webinar Just for Rs. 1499/-

    The webinar starts on March 06th, Sunday 2022

    06 March 2022: Last Day to Unlock Bonuses
    Worth Rs. 15,000/-

    At the end of this highly informative webinar, you get free access to some amazing bonuses!

    Bonus 1 – Value Rs. 5,000/-

    Topic Research Template

    Bonus 2 – Value Rs. 4,500/-

    Niche Clarity Report Template

    Bonus 3 – Value Rs. 2,500/-

    Shoot Day Checklist

    Bonus 4 – Value Rs. 3,000/-

    50 Video Creation Niche Checklist

    Know more about your Mentor

    โ€œPatients are looking for answers online. Where are you?”

    Hello, I’m Dr. Nikhil Varude, CEO & Founder of Doctor Tribe. I am a clinician by education (M.B.B.S.) and a growth hacker by mind. I am a data scientist and love practicing behavioral economist.

    I am a lead strategist at Circadian Communications and Analytics; an agency specialized in healthcare marketing, healthcare business intelligence and growth hacking.

    The webinar starts on

    March 06th, Sunday 2022

    Enroll for 3 Hours of OnPoint, Interactive and Compressed Webinar Just for Rs. 1499/-

    The webinar starts on March 06th, Sunday 2022

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    What is this Webinar about?

    YouTube is the future of healthcare marketing, and patients are looking for their answers on the platform. If you are a doctor and still not on YouTube, it is high time you created a channel. This Live webinar is an opportunity for all the healthcare experts to explore the potential of a YouTube channel.

    In this 2 hours Live webinar, the mentor Dr Nikhil talks A to z of YouTube and related things. He will guide you through strategies of:

    • Building and setting up a channel.
    • Editing, optimizing and publishing videos.
    • Targeting the right audience.
    • Increasing engagement and subscribers.
    • Converting traffic in leads.
    • Getting more leads, etc.

    What if I am already on YouTube?

    Woah! That is great. This webinar can help you boost your reach, engagement and subscribers. When you already know the basics, it is time to learn about some YouTube growth strategies to help your videos reach maximum patients.ย 

    Learn how to:

    • make videos on โ€˜high volume topicsโ€™
    • optimize videos to reach the target audience
    • get more traffic and convert them into leads
    • increase your brand reputation as a healthcare expert
    • build a personal brand, etc.

    Why should one take this webinar?

    With over 2 billion users of YouTube, a large number of patients are searching for their queries. If your patients are on YouTube, where are you?

    If you are a doctor, surgeon, physician, IVF expert or a Hospital, you need to be on YouTube. When you build an online presence on YouTube, people know you as a brand not just in your city but also in major parts of the world.

    Being online creates the credibility and trust that patients are looking for. Come, letโ€™s join us in the webinar that will boost your medical practice in the coming future.

    What are the bonuses involved?

    As soon as the webinar ends, you will get access to free bonuses worth Rs. 50,000/-

    It includes keyword lists, topic research, strategy cheat sheet, etc. This material has been built over the last few years and helped our clients reach a million subscribers on YouTube.ย 

    So, donโ€™t think twice. Sign up for the webinar right away!

    Still confused? Check out the proofs!

    Check out these channels at big numbers who once started from zero.

    Enroll for 3 Hours of OnPoint, Interactive and Compressed Webinar Just for Rs. 1499/-

    The webinar starts on March 06th, Sunday 2022