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Head and neck cancer are the most common malignancies worldwide. With 77,000 cases diagnosed per year, Head and neck cancers are the most common cancer in Indian population. Smoking, Tobacco and alcohol are the major causative factors for head and neck cancer worldwide but smokeless tobacco, betel nut and pan are etiological agents for Indian population.

Buccal Mucosa Cancer

Mandible reconstructed with free fistula taken from lower limb. Fistula is a small bone below knee which support the tibula and has got its own blood supply. It is harvested alongwith its blood supply and mandible is reconstructed. Tooth can be implanted over it after 6 or 12 months depending on radiotherapy.


Tongue is second most common after Buccal Mucosa. Only removing half of tongue without plastic reconstruction will lead to speech impairment. Dr. Amit focuses on Tongue reconstruction using free radical forearm flap from non dominant hand. It helps in better speech, swallowing after the surgery.

Larynx Cancer

Larynx Cancer is seen in Mucosa Smokers, alcoholics. Dr. Amit is one of the leading and surgeon of India performing near Total Laryngectomy in which half of Larynx is removed and other half is preserved so that patient can phonate with his vocal cord. At times when complete Larynx is removed them Tracheo-oerophageal Prosthesis (TBP) can be used for voice rehabilitation.


Maxilla is the 4th most common cancer. Subtotal, Total Maxillectomy with Free Radical Forearm Flap, Free Fistula Flap is his expertise.

Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid Cancer are most commonly seen in young females with good prognosis. Hemi thyroidectomy or Total Thyroidectomy preserving Parathyroid glands is his expertise.

Part Cricoid

Though Refinative Chemo-radiation is the treatment of choice but residual disease remains for which salvage surgery in the form of Total Pharyngo Laryngoverophagectomy. With Tracheo- oerophageal prosthesis (TCP) is required.

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Dr. Amit Chakraborty

Cancer Surgeon

Dr. Amit Chakraborty is a Surgical Oncologist in Girgaon, Mumbai and has an experience of 15 years in this field. He is a well known cancer specialist with an expertise in diagnosing and treating head and neck cancer.

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  • Vandana Sharma
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Best Cancer Surgeon. Dr Amit Chakraborty is a very kind, supportive and skillful Cancer Surgeon. He has treated and cured numerous complicated Throat, Neck and Mouth cancer cases successfully.

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A special thanks to Dr Amit Chakraborty, Amit Cancer Care, one of the finest Oncosurgeons in India and such a delightful personality! I simply cannot thank him much for his relentless efforts in treating my father. He has a magic in his words while explaining things calmly. He is the one who boosted confidence in the 1st visit itself and everything sounded so easy after in his presence. All the best Dr.Amit for your future endeavors!

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