They say healing is a work of heart, and we are constantly adapting, changing and looking for better ways to deliver on our commitment to fulfil our mission. This mission cannot be achieved without the support of our backbone, our team. Here’s what our leaders have to say, defining who we are today and where our momentum will take us in the future.


Prof. Rahul V Karad

Vice President, MAEER’S MIT, Pune

India, today, is poised to grow into a global leader in a number of fields and sectors. Our country produces some of the best brains in science, technology and economics, and powers some of the best multinational companies of the world.

MAEER's MIT Pune has been on a crusade to retain the talent of our country within our borders and nurture them to be the engine of our growth and Nation building aspirations. Besides being a pioneer organization in academics, education, research and thought leadership, MIT Pune has also focused on one of the critical areas for our nation's growth and self-reliant healthcare And It is an honour beyond words for me to be leading the MIT Group of Institutions. Leadership is known to be the humblest profession and it is my sincere pleasure to be able to be of service in the fields of education and healthcare. We thank you for having the confidence in VishwaRaj hospital for, perhaps, the most important decision you will make — where to seek your health care.

Here, at VishwaRaj Hospital, we are constantly growing and evolving to meet the needs of our dynamic community. We know that being a patient is rarely easy. That is why our doctors and staff seek to provide quality care with the utmost compassion. We strive to take care of our Patients the way we would care for our own loved ones.


Dr Aditi Karad

Executive Director, VishwaRaj Hospital

Through our journey over the past three years, we have grown by leaps and bounds and every step of the way has been nothing short of remarkable. We’ve touched lives, wiped tears of joy and been the silver lining to our patient’s healthcare woes.

Our success stems from a culture of quality and dedication that is instilled into every member of the VishwaRaj family. It is because of their generosity, compassion and commitment to clinical and service excellence that we have built a reputation for quality.

These very facets form the basis of our philosophy and will continue to do so in the time to come. With an upcoming network of hospitals and medical centers across the state and country, the future too, is bright with opportunity as we continue our in our endeavor to offer the best of healthcare to one and all.


Dr. Janakiram

Medical Director, VishwaRaj Hospitals

We, at VishwaRaj Hospital, strongly believe in patient centric approach and strive to comfort patients not only with the right treatment at the right time but also with proper doctors’ communication with patients, relatives, transparency in pricing and affordability.

Though availability of best doctors & cutting edge medical technology is required for patients’ fast recovery, we also believe in cleanliness and pristine natural lighting & surroundings of the hospital to speed up healthy recovery of our patients.

After India’s IT triumph on the globe, the time has come for Indian health care system to spread wide across and we aim to be one of the best & trustworthy health care leaders’ of India. Core DNA of VRH, the guiding principle, is to continuously innovate for better health care at affordable prices. We prefer to be known as one of the best, reliable, evidence based practicing hospitals among public.

We strive to take every step to make VRH as one of the best doctor friendly hospitals, as doctors are key stakeholders to achieve the above said priorities. Even the best of medical technologies come to a halt without strong, committed, expertise & challenge accepting doctors.

Finally, we (the VRH Team) will ensure that patients get unique, warm & compassionate health care services when they are in need. We prefer to be our patients’ health care guide not only during unhealthy status but also during healthy condition to lead a better, quality & healthy life style.